Epic Spirit Battle

Are you ready to fight your honor?

fan-fiction project created on 2019 by ceyang & wun

What's this?

A game develop by two chuunibyou boy who love the most epic anime – Fate/stay night.

We make this simple 3D game by a strong game engine – Unreal Engine 4,it spend us about half year to develop, we learn many skills and experiences from this project.

Now we only create two character – Saber & Lance, we would like to create more, at least 7 hero. If you have any advice, welcome to share us !

EpicSpiritBattel's team

And we so grateful for our teacher RCwang gave us a lot advice and source to do this in our collage life !

Have fun ^_^

Start your fight !

Epic Spirit Battle - Demo Version

Thanks for playing !

Comming soon...